Maybe you started the year with ambitious goals you wanted to achieve. The COVID-19 Pandemic introduced unprecedented circumstances that got us all by surprise. What about your those personal goals you have? How are you feeling about them? Do you require to revisit them and reformulate them in a way that makes sense to you? I’m here to tell you that life goes on despite what’s happening in the world.

Now more than ever it’s important to create a success mindset in support of your goals. A mindset is an established set of attitudes made out of our predominant thoughts. It functions as an imaginary software of the mind filtering all the information that comes to us. Our mindset has the potential to help us spot opportunities or trap us in self-defeating cycles.

There are 5 common internal roadblocks that hold us down: worries, attitudes, stories, unfulfilled dreams and obstacles. Today I will share about Stories and why they matter.

Stories are fictions that we tell ourselves, using self-limiting arguments. I used to believe I was a forgetful person and that I could not trust myself remembering details. When I got a traveler job I knew that I could not afford to forget my travel documents or miss flights. I decided to leave that story behind and move forward being accountable to remember all that mattered. What about you? I invite you to uncover the stories that undermine your success and replace them with more empowering ones.

Even in now days you can live by design by choosing brave thinking strategies. Create new stories for your internal library to tap into your strengths empowering you to explore your potential for a greater life.


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