Growing up in a coffee culture means that I had develop the idea that you sit to drink a cup of coffee with others, either family, friends or coworkers. Coffee is the channel to socialize, get through hard times, conduct business, bond with the special people in your life or simply engaging in conversation with another person. In the last ten years it has been a proliferation of coffee houses with nice ambiance and plenty of coffee choices. Yet, here in the USA, a lot of people prefer to grab a to-go cup and drive, or walk with coffee in their hands.

To me, the phrase ‘let’s get coffee’ implies the intentionality of creating a moment to have a great conversation. Think of all the great ideas, insights and different perspectives that come from a conversation over coffee. Having coffee with someone is so simple, yet has so much potential for a meaningful exchange.

As a coffee lover and someone who appreciates a great conversation, I created “Coffee with Mari” in the summer of 2018 to provide a venue for sharing meaningful conversations that has the potential to transform. Friday mornings are the times to go to your favorite coffee house and connect with me in person or via fb live, to engage in stimulating transformational conversations.

COFFEE WITH MARI was created, especially for you. My program offers the opportunity to have a coffee chat with an expert – to share insights, clarify your ideas and even get laser coaching with a highly qualified life and career coach.

I framed the content in the model of “Personal Excellence”, which promotes that we always strive to continuous improvement.  With that framework in mind, I developed a mini-series on to motivate you to pursue learning, growth and personal transformation.

Now, I am offering to my website subscribers this great e-Book you a summary of the 20 topics I presented from July to December 2018 with the confidence they will be of value added to you.

And here they are, Enjoy!