Effective communication is at the heart of success in life and in business. There are 3 simple ways you can increase your level of impact and influence when communicating: 1) Set up an intention, 2) Know your audience, 3) Align your non-verbal.

  • Your Intention: If you want to increase your effectiveness, being heard more, understood more, start by creating an intention to become a better communicator. This simple step can create a big difference. What do you want from your interaction with another person? What words are you choosing, how will you project them and what will be the atmosphere you’re creating? Communication is a holistic experience. Do you want to Persuade? Inform? Entertain? Build Trust? Closeness? Find a Common Ground? Diffuse a Conflict? Your intention determines the content and how you deliver it….
  • Knowing your audience before you communicate. Even if you have not interacted with your target audience, take the time to research some facts about the person or group. What are their needs? wants? interests? If you’re new to an environment, take time to observe and listening before you share. Sharing content that is relevant to your interlocutor or audience, can create a huge difference. If you’re in a networking event, you can ask general questions to find a common ground with the person. Maybe you live in the same part of town, or even in the same neighborhood. This is a great ice-breaker opportunity. Don’t miss it….
  • Your Non-Verbal Matters….
    This is because more than half of the communication is with gestures, posture and movements. The idea is that you align your words (what you say) with your gestures (how you say it). For example, if you are sharing a sad news and you say it with your smile on your face, you create a dissonance in your message.

You can increase your level of impact follow these tips:

Eye Contact: Look at the person in their eyes, with moderation. Too much or none eye contact might impact the level of trust others have on what you say.
Posture:Stand straight, with your shoulders back and your head up. If you are bended or shrunk when speaking, it can be perceived as being too shy and inhibited.
Voice: Adjust your volume and pitch to the size of the room, the proximity to your audience and the level of noise in your environment. If you are too soft spoken, you can be perceived as being insecure.
Gestures:Hands opening to the sides and forward will enhance the power of your message. All with moderation because excessive movements can result distracting.

To wrap up, when you define your intentions, have a relevant message to your audience and you align what you say with appropriate non-verbal, your message will be more powerful and well-received.

Learning to be a more impactful communication will enhance your ability to create trust, build credibility and build an ever-lasting impact with those you interact.

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