Lent, is for many of us, a season for spiritual growth. For me, it is a time for introspection to travel inward and reflect on one’s life journey in search of meaning and purpose. 

When in crisis, we look outside for answers to our most pressing dilemmas while forgetting that we have those answers within ourselves. Many events cause us to reconsider our priorities. The passing of my brother few months ago made me stop and revisit my life to bring perspective and realignment.

Usually, midlife is that time in our lives when we experience a higher calling to do work that matters. After experiencing the peaks and valleys of career successes and failures, we find ourselves pondering what makes sense to do with the time left. This increased consciousness is like an awakening call inviting us to explore the real meaning of life.  

I am sharing the 12 spiritual powers that you already possess to help you discern when facing significant life and career dilemmas:

  1. Faith – As the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things yet not seen. During difficult times in your career, you must increase your faith. Believe more in who you are and that life unfolds into your future according to your master plan. 
  2. Strength – Recognize your powers in the form of your talents, skills, abilities, and gifts. Also, connect with your spiritual strength, that part of you that is stronger than any circumstance, situation, or condition that you might be facing.
  3. Wisdom – It is the ability to act according to an intuitive or inner knowing beyond the knowledge of the mind. Know that you have the knowledge to make your best career choices. How trusting your wisdom more could make a positive difference for you?
  4. Love – Driving force of expansive nature that creates harmony and clarity and brings about transformation and unity. What would you love to have more of in terms of your career? Make decisions considering what you love the most. The labor of love is always expansive and fulfilling.
  5. Power – The capacity or ability to direct or influence the course of events in your own life. When making career decisions, use your personal power to overcome rejection, misunderstandings, and obstacles in your path. Know that you have what it takes to co-create your best life and career.
  6. Imagination – Is the mental faculty connecting us with the creative power within us. Imagination is a resource you possess to visualize best possible outcomes. What if all works out and ends as an expansive and amazing journey? Connect with the energy of joy you are doing what you most love and see yourself fulfilling your career potential.
  7. Understanding – It is a comprehension of truth beyond the intellect. Do you recall when you were seeking guidance and understood what was best for you in an encompassing way? Know that you can take that wise and loving next step with your understanding.
  8. Will – Is that power of choosing based on love and not fear to guide us to the best choices. When facing doubts or challenges, affirm that your will directs you to the perfect expression of your best self. You can have the power to decide what is best for your life and career. 
  9. Order – The universe’s way that guides the unfoldment of life according to the spiritual laws. The system of truth by which all things must occur to create harmony. When your life choices correspond with your core values, you feel coherent, and your life flows better. What core values do you want to express more in your life and career? Where do you need to realign? 
  10. Zeal – Is the spiritual force that moves us out of inertia and into action. However, zeal may also express as perfect stillness. How often have you found the answers you were looking for when quieting your busy mind chatter? Instead of feeling stuck, decide to take action by reconnecting with your vision. Use the power of love and not fear to propel you toward your best destination.
  11. Elimination – This is releasing error thoughts based on lack, fear, or separation. In the context of your career choices, elimination is about identifying and removing limiting believes that get in the way of reaching out to your potential. In which way are your saboteurs keeping you playing small? You can get rid of that self-inflicted pain.
  12. Life – This spiritual principle reminds us that our life is a miracle, and we are an expression of uniqueness and vitality. We express our life through our actions and the impact we create on others. Your career is a channel for impersonating your authenticity and unique gifts. Use your life force toward your expansive nature, becoming a person of increase. What is the energy that you share with others? What type of legacy do you want to leave behind?

According to Unity teachings, the essence of our spiritual purpose is to activate these 12 powers, removing from our consciousness any obstacles that may be blocking their free flow within us to God. 

Lent is a great time to reconnect with your presence, power, and creative energy to rearrange or redesign your next career move. These 12 spiritual powers are reminders of the unlimited possibilities within you to overcome your perceived limitations and rise above all. 

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