Without a doubt, networking is one of the top priorities during your job search. 80% of job seekers land through networking. One of the most common complaints I hear from the candidates I support is that they hate networking. They find it intimidating, fake, and hard to do.

That might be the case for you too. If you think that networking is begging for a job, then your mindset is not helping you. Instead, know that when you call someone, there is an exchange of information that could help the other person in ways that you can’t predict.

In this overcrowded job search market, networking is necessary and more relevant than ever. Information sessions have become a great vehicle to make and expand connections. You can learn about your target jobs and industry. It also helps you expand your circle of influence for potential referrals or recommendations, and get fresh ideas to approach the market.

Mindset is everything! Even if you consider yourself an introvert, you can master the art of conducting these informational-networking sessions by creating a more empowering belief.

Here are some tips to boost your positivity and confidence before a call: 

1)   WHAT IF? Expect the Best. Imagining the worst will not help, even if you are afraid of rejection. Instead, consider positive scenarios to set up the tone. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What if today I make a relevant connection that can have a positive impact on my job search?
  • What if it is easy, and even enjoyable to connect with this person?
  • What if I can become of value-added to the person I am contacting?

2)   YOUR ENERGY. Supercharge.

Elevate your energy level before you initiate your contact.

  • Before your call, put your body in motion and your mind will follow. Do a power pose, or move your body to get your blood flowing.
  • Taking a call standing vs sitting can help you perform at your best.  
  • Watch out for your tone, volume, and pitch. You want to sound enthusiastic.

3)   SET YOUR INTENTIONS. Why You Are Connecting. 

Starting a journey without a destination in mind will take you nowhere. Before contacting someone, get clear about what you are looking for.

  • If this ends to be a successful networking interaction, how do I want to feel when the call ends?
  • Know that networking is a reciprocal process. What is the value-added that you can provide to the person you contact? You can share ideas, information, and even, your own connections.
  • Set up reasonable weekly networking goals. Maybe you can set up a goal of getting 3 referrals before the end of the week.
  • Make sure you continually elevate your expectations as your networking skills improve.

Networking informational sessions are a necessary way to expand your circle of influence for you to land your next great job. 

Do yourself a favor and get in the right frame of mind as to why you will be networking this upcoming week. Expect the best, supercharge your energy and believe that you have valuable information to share that will make it for a very positive exchange.

And if it doesn’t go that great, what is the worst that could happen? Dust yourself off and try again! At the end of the day, 80% of jobs are found through networking. That seems to be a compelling reason why you are going to get out of your comfort zone and get on the phone once again!  

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