Change is a constant. There is an element of change that take us out of our comfort zone because of the uncertainty. Is it possible that some change may result as positive? Even when we don’t see it in the moment? Three years ago, my life changed completely. It seemed as though some mighty earthquake had shaken the temple of my life. There were tree pillars that succumbed almost simultaneously: my career, my marriage and my home. The only column that was standing was my own self, my sense of identity.

In the aftermath, I was crushed over my disappointment for the betrayal and the loss. I learned from reading Beth Miller’s book, that we are not meant to be resilient all the time. We can have ‘pockets’ of resilience and areas where we are more vulnerable. I needed some self-compassion. Soon, I discovered that if I was to survive, I needed to rediscover who I was inside me. After some time for processing and letting go, I picked myself up again and started all over, this time much lighter. The journey of self-discovery has been exciting and so rewarding. There was so much of me that was seeking to emerge; A more authentic version of me arose.

It is my own life story and my ability to bounce back what inspired me to become a transformational coach to assist women in managing life and career transitions. In my work as a coach I assist my clients to claim their strengths and gifts, explore new skills, acquire new mindsets to expand, grow and thrive through god and bad times.

Regardless of what you are going through, you can find the blessings and gifts in any change. Only if you’re willing to see and find the good in it.

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