You might be an Entrepreneur or Career Woman wanting to get ahead in your chosen vocational path. How many times do you second guess yourself not knowing if you will make it? Or if you have what it takes to succeed? In my work as a Career Coach for Professional Women, I had met brilliant women who have outstanding credentials and experience, yet they feel insecure. I had found that addressing their insecurities open the path for their success.

if you want to accelerate your results, you need the Clarityof a vision, the Confidencein your own abilities and the Commitment to execute your plans.

CLARITY – it is about creating a compelling vision for your career or business. What would you love to achieve? If you think it would be possible for you to succeed, what would you love to do, contribute? Adding emotions, details and visualizing your desired future in your eyes’ mind can become a powerful exercise. Clarity is power. When you feel empowered, you become fueled with the energy and motivation to do whatever it takes to move forward. This is the difference between living by default vs living by design. To increase your Clarity, spend more time visualizing your big goals, even 3 times a day or more. See yourself as you are already living your successful career and life. Come from your dream and expect to achieve it.

CONFIDENCE – is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities, qualities and character. If you would trust yourself more, would you take more risks? Would you be more decisive? Would you trust your instincts more? Would you say NO more times? Would you stand for what you believe it is the right thing? I say the answer is YES to all of these questions. Confidence gives you the strength to be yourself and stand in your world with authenticity. You will be able to inspire and influence others with the power of your example and your convictions.  To increase your level of confidence, push through your own self-limiting beliefs. Think more positively. Decide that you will believe more on yourself and overcome your fears. You can do it!

COMMITMENT – it is about your level of dedication, devotion and loyalty to your own causes. When you’re committed to your own journey, you’ll become more willing to devote the necessary time, work and effort to complete your goals. It is as simple as that. In order for you to achieve your life and career goals, it is key that you become willing to put the necessary work. To elevate your level of commitment, turn your dreams into plans. Consider breaking big goals into activities. What can you do in the next 5 mins that will help you move forward? Small steps taking consistently will get you far! Are you committed to your own journey? At the end of the day, it is your own life.

Clarity on your vision, Confidence in your abilities and Commitment to action will take you far. Remember these 3 C’s because you deserve to succeed in your life and career. It is your Life!!

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