You already know that searching for a professional job is filled with stressful situations that can feel overwhelming. In those days that you feel doubtful and discouraged, your mind will get scattered all over the place with the “what ifs” and other negative self-talk. 

Mindfulness is a self-awareness tool that can serve you well during a career transition. When you are mindful, you become aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment. If you are experiencing a discouraging situation, you can take a deep breath instead of reacting negatively. 

Here are few steps that you can practice to become a more mindful job seeker:

  1. Accept your current situation and the way you are feeling about it. Recognize the emotion. Feel the fear, and be ok with it. 

2. Connect with yourself to find strength and the faith that you need to overcome your challenges. Also, connect with others and build a structure of support. 

3. Trust yourself and your skills. Be confident in what you can do! Know yourself, love yourself, and remember that you CAN do it!

4. Decide what is next for you. Take this time to envision your next job and career based on your interests, skills, passions, and aspirations. 

5. Be Kind toward yourself as you recognize your feelings. It is ok to be afraid, but it is not ok to be unkind to yourself.

6. Be Present by noticing what is happening now. Having a mindfulness practice to quiet your mind really helps. You will give yourself a much better chance at better responding effectively to each challenge. 

7. Practice self-care. Rest when you are tired and have enough sleep. Make sure you practice good nutrition, exercise frequently. Even a brief walk in nature to get some fresh air can make wonders.

Remember that being mindful in your everyday life will improve your overall attitude and outlook toward the job search. Others will also notice it, for example, during a job interview. 

By taking each day as it comes and living in the present, you will slowly become more grounded, confident, and self-aware. Only then will you find the most success in all areas of your life, including your search for the perfect job.

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